Swooden - A Cute Physics Puzzle With Wooden Blocks [HTML5]

Swooden - A Cute Physics Puzzle With Wooden Blocks [HTML5]

Swooden is a balancing physics puzzle, where you have to place all the wooden blocks on screen and keep them in balance. It comes with some twists to the game mechanics, in some levels there is reverse gravity, in others there are hazards you have to build around.

There are 28 levels so far. Each level can be solved in any random way, but you can also try to solve it by building awesome gravity-defying structures.

Made with Cocos Creator, coded in Typescript, art made with Inkscape.

This is the last from a series of games where I’ve explored the balancing concept and tried to come up with various twists. Please try the previous ones as well: Amazing Acrobats, Art Of Balance and Purrtastic Four.


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Me likey!! Congrats on the release.

awww, thank you! :smiley:

Cool game I really liked the idea :slight_smile: :+1:

Pretty cool game ! I like it. Maybe it could be more difficult :innocent: