Survey: the reasons why I won't use Cocos Creator

Survey: the reasons why I won't use Cocos Creator


Another +1 here for being someone stuck using cocos2d-x + Cocos Studio.
While Studio has it’s problems, it’s purpose is pretty clearly defined and it works really well for being a WYSIWYG editor that provides modular components I can load into a game and interact with in c++.

While keeping an in-production game running and updated with 500k+ downloads I don’t have time to be rewriting anything for Cocos Creator and even then I feel, like everyone, that we’d be investing our time in another ‘closed editor that will be discarded like Studio one day’.
I feel if I wanted to properly invest in a ‘creator-like’ editor I’d be picking Unity on the grounds of:

  • Documentation
  • Quality of web resources
  • Console Support
  • Debugging support of C# over JS


I need answer of this :


+1 for Qt! From my personal experience, Qt is one of the best tools for such tasks. It is very well documented, it’s easy-to-use, solid and very stable. Qt-applications run on MacOS, Windows and Linux and Qt is older even than Java language.

  • Poor autocompletion in the editor - in vscode or the built inone- autocompletion is not aware of what subclasses to suggest.
  • no linux editor
  • hit and miss native build process- often with deal breaking bugs making it to the final version of the editor:
    Can't find correct Visual Studio's path
  • the javascript syntax is a pain in the ass to use- a missing comma or bracket can break the game. Compare that to godot’s python like gdscript or gamemaker’s gml- both are way better


I agree so much with you guys. I’m also stuck with Cocos Studio :cry:


Thanks everyone for the continued thoughts. I can assure you all that we read all of this feedback and try to improve Creator with each and every release.

If you get jammed up, you can always e-mail me and I can help facilitate an answer. Please reserve e-mailing me directly for when you are really stuck. Meaning: you cannot ship your game or move forward at all without an answer. The forum is always beast to start since everyone can help and everyone can benefit from the knowledge.


for a month now i have been painfully struggling to migrate our cocos2d-js project to cocos creator
the api differences are staggering! the migration effort take almost as long as it would have been to to write the whole game from scratch.


I’m using it for learning purposes. With it I’ve been able to understand the basic concepts for Cocos2d-x which I’m planning on using in the future. Of course, I’m using it for a very basic game that doesn’t require more than a collision detection and a couple of assets.

I think bigger projects need better support, community and documentation but because CC is starting to grow, it’s going to be a path molded by the interaction between users and CC’s developers.

As others have pointed out, it’s a great tool for making prototypes really fast. I’m yet to test the actual compilation process, but I’ve had a great experience with it so far.


No Linux support. We might not use Linux during development but we have to use it for continues integration server.


That is a good point.


For me, it’s the open source aspect of Cocos2d-x which is the most important part. I used to use LibGDX, but the RoboVM component was closed source and got discontinued. I don’t want to end up in a situation where something I am relying on suddenly becomes unavailable.

Also, it’s just inertia – I’ve started making games this way and it’s working for me, so it’s difficult to convince myself to try something new.


But will it be good, if creator JS sources will be opened? Engine is C++ and editor should be C++ too, so even with JS sources it’s useless for me, I won’t learn JS… also when I just run that editor on macOS, it’s feels cheap product, all UX and UI are ugly and works awkward… same as was before with cocos studio… they are not learn…


Something that I really found very hard to do was creating my own custom plugins, I’m working on Android devices, so I really want to use my own plugins, I really love how unity deals with this, you create a library “aar” in android studio then this is merged in the final compilation, so it’s very practical because I don’t really need to modify the android studio final compilation.


No Linux support.


Our videogame company is using it for many games, since it is free we thought it would be the better option instead of Unity :smile:


The big lie with cocos creator is “you dont need to learn a new framework”


Sorry, but we didn’t say that you can migrate other project to Creator automatically…
You can import csd from Cocos Studio, but game logic should rewrite.


I think the lack of stability is my biggest problem promoting CC for use at my company:

  • What happened to Cocos Studio? Why is there no download maintained for people who depended on it?
  • What is going on with Editor support? The internal editor was dropped in favour of (apparently) VSCode, but now thats going? What the hell?
  • Cocos2d-js is OSS, but the version used by CC is different, and CC itself is closed source AND requires a login. What if support for this is abruptly dropped? Having the editor turned off over night, with no fallback ability to actually continue development with existing projects seems an unacceptable business risk.


Cocos Studio was EOL’d many years ago now. You can still download the last supported version, however it means you are stuck on Cocos2d-x 3.12, IIRC (without looking). There are many threads on these forums, plus links on how to download it if you need it.

I answered this in your other thread. Also, drop the language, please. These forums are to remain neutral in tone.

Creator has significant resources behind it. The support will not be abruptly dropped. Also, we wouldn’t leave you out on your own. If there was ever a plan to discontinue Creator we would ensure that your projects would still work without a login, etc.


I think the using of the open source software is in itself a risk by default.

But what is more risky is that when part of this software trying to become closed source, but at the same time using open-source part. As it is strangely, just I think it’s for the mark that they can say - we are “open source” and we like based on legacy of all times of the open source cocos2d spirit, because something is still open source.
Moreover, engine overall is a C++ and people love it just for that and using it for that. So that other closed source thing are not C++, and so even if it will be so, basically nothing will change… I don’t understand how they think about this, like - today C++, tomorrow JS and not a problem at all?
All this will definitely leads into another one eol, It’s a question of time.