Supporting IPv6-only Networks

Supporting IPv6-only Networks
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@dbest10 i agree with you



I know that today, the new version of the curl come out.
New curl is applied cocos version is come out?
Because Ipv6 issue, I have not yet released the app.


@GwangSeok as you can see here, new version is not released.


curl is already released, when will the cocos version comes out?


v3.13 will be release on Aug 22. But i will upgrade CURL soon, then you can replace it.


iOS, Mac and Android are upgraded to v7.50.0 in


@GwangSeok could you please have a try?


I got an error “size of array ‘curl_rule_01’ is negative”

I still use cocos v2


@x10ng how does the error happen? I think CURL is cocos2d-x version free.


it happens on compile time, I don’t really know what’s wrong


Hey there. I updated the 3rd party libraries and resubmitted the app. It was rejected due to not supporting IPV6.

Some portion of the crash log:

Exception Subtype: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000
Triggered by Thread: 0

Filtered syslog:
None found

Breadcrumb Trail: (reverse chronological seconds)
0 GC Framework: startAuthenticationForExistingPrimaryPlayer

Thread 0 name: Dispatch queue:
Thread 0 Crashed:
0 TinySeries-mobile 0x00000001000bd508 0x1000b4000 + 38152
1 TinySeries-mobile 0x00000001000befd4 0x1000b4000 + 45012
2 TinySeries-mobile 0x00000001000bd3c0 0x1000b4000 + 37824
3 TinySeries-mobile 0x00000001000bcaec 0x1000b4000 + 35564
4 TinySeries-mobile 0x00000001000d3860 0x1000b4000 + 129120
5 TinySeries-mobile 0x00000001000bf30c 0x1000b4000 + 45836
6 UIKit 0x00000001878e69c0 0x18785c000 + 567744
7 UIKit 0x0000000187b16184 0x18785c000 + 2859396
8 UIKit 0x0000000187b1a5f0 0x18785c000 + 2876912
9 UIKit 0x0000000187b17764 0x18785c000 + 2864996
10 FrontBoardServices 0x00000001840bb7ac 0x184094000 + 161708
11 FrontBoardServices 0x00000001840bb618 0x184094000 + 161304
12 FrontBoardServices 0x00000001840bb9c8 0x184094000 + 162248
13 CoreFoundation 0x00000001826d109c 0x1825f0000 + 921756
14 CoreFoundation 0x00000001826d0b30 0x1825f0000 + 920368
15 CoreFoundation 0x00000001826ce830 0x1825f0000 + 911408
16 CoreFoundation 0x00000001825f8c50 0x1825f0000 + 35920
17 UIKit 0x00000001878df94c 0x18785c000 + 538956
18 UIKit 0x00000001878da088 0x18785c000 + 516232
19 TinySeries-mobile 0x00000001000c5fe8 0x1000b4000 + 73704
20 libdyld.dylib 0x00000001821968b8 0x182194000 + 10424

Activity ID: 0x0000000000017608
Activity Name: starting resolver activity
Activity Image Path: /usr/lib/system/libsystem_network.dylib
Activity Image UUID: A8E4200A-ECC7-3E56-A845-8A0E9CB4A6F0
Activity Offset: 0x0003333c
Activity Running Time: 0.275398 sec

Trace Messages (reverse chronological seconds):
0.248557 GameCenterFoundation 0x0000000190806024 authenticateWithCompletionHandler:Username and Password passed in. GKDaemonProxy to authenticate player
0.255707 libsystem_network.dylib 0x0000000204685da8 Format not found


@dbest10 but i don’t change the compiling flags, just upgrade the version. And as you can see the compile flag, IPv6 is enabled, and in curl.h, curl is enabled too. You can set up your environment to test it according Apple’s doc.

And i can’t find the reason according the crash log. In your game, does only use CURL that is network related?


I only use cocos2dx and sdkbox. I have a feeling that the error is due to a game center call based on SDKBOX Play.


Did you use CURL yourself? cocos2d-x doesn’t uses CURL on iOS anymore.


I try to upgrade the version I have.
Doing so can I pass on its normal policy?


@fafriday i think you can just update CURL, if you meet compiling error, may be CURL break compatibility. Current CURL version is 7.50.0.

@slackmoehrle any update of you re-submit?


upgrade curl 7.50.0 version.

but i’am meet other error.

“Manifest.cpp” file.

No member named ‘MemberEnd’ in ‘rapidjson::GenericValue<rapidjson::UTF8, rapidjson::MemoryPoolAllocatorrapidjson::CrtAllocator >’; did you mean ‘MemberonEnd’?

No member named ‘MemberBegin’ in ‘rapidjson::GenericValue<rapidjson::UTF8, rapidjson::MemoryPoolAllocatorrapidjson::CrtAllocator >’; did you mean ‘MemberonBegin’?

What should i do ?


CURL is nothing related with rapidjson. Did you update other libraries too?


sorry… I did not check properly.

error is this.

i using cocos2d-x 3.12 version.

and i update cocos2d-x-3rd-party in curl forder and websocket forlder.

but, “AssetsManager.cpp”
No matching function for call to ‘curl_easy_setopt’
No matching function for call to ‘curl_easy_perform’
No matching function for call to ‘curl_easy_cleanup’

please. what should i do ?


@fafriday AssetsManager.cpp doesn’t use CURL, are you sure you uses v3.12?