Support for the Nintendo Switch

Support for the Nintendo Switch
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Thanks for the info!


So cool, it is really great to know it.


@Rusty congratulations


@Rusty Fantastic news! Congratulations!
I will be targeting the Switch (I think), for my in-development game. Could you share your experience of whats required to get a game on to the Switch.
A lot of us have only been mobile/desktop till now and speaking for myself, have no idea how to get something onto an unsupported device.
A basic run through would be greatly appreciated!


i would love to find out more about developing for Switch using cocos2dx. Anywhere to find related resources?

I have been a cocos2dx user for almost 7 years, would love to carry on doing so for more platforms.


@krashcan I wrote a mail to and got a response, that they need to know something about me and the project. My understanding is, that without this information, we won’t get any approval to deploy on the Switch. I also find a good summary from Epic with Unreal Engine for Nintendo Switch. There is a checklist, how the process is done. And because of the NDA, I don’t believe, that cocos2d-x will be easy to be used as environment without work from our (the game developers) side.

My next step will be giving Nintendo the information they wanted and hope to get approved.



I was doing same :slight_smile: they asked about project and so on :slight_smile: and then it again months to get reply;). I think best way to do this with publishers who already published cocos2d-x game to switch.


@energyy Are you approved now or did they declined it? Do you need an extra device or can you use the normal consumer Nintendo Switch? I never developed for consoles, so I don’t know it.


You need a devkit, IIRC.


@mars3142 thanks for the response. I am hoping they won’t need a working game before approving a devkit (which I have heard may cost 500USD, which is cheaper than other console development). I’m trying to stay with cocos2d-x for game dev, but was about to jump over to Unity just so that I can develop for Switch.


I was just curious if there was any new info on this. It looks like @Rusty was able to port to the Switch using cocos2d-x. Have others been able to yet? If so, how difficult was it to get running on the Switch? I’m looking at starting a new project and I really do not want to learn a canned solution like Unity.



I’m trying to port my game using Cocos2D-X to the Nintendo Switch.
I have contacted Nintendo, they send me the dev stuff and A developer Switch (EDEV), and I have installed the Nintendo Dev environment, and I am able to deploy the samples app to the developer Switch.

But when I try to compile Cocos2D-X to Switch target, I get many many errors…
After doing some research, I can see now that Cocos2D-X is missing a NX low-level configuration in order to compile.
I have read this thread many times, but there is not a clear answer about using or not Cocos2D-X on Switch.

Has anyone achieving this make Cocos2D-X compile and run on the Switch ?

I hope it is possible, it would be so nice to be able to make great game on Switch using Cocos2D-X!!


We have not done any work on getting Cocos2d-x to work on Switch.

@Rusty has released a game on Switch. Perhaps he will chime in to this thread.



I have talked via email with PanicButton, the company who has ported the @Rusty Cocos2D-X game to the Switch.
But they told me that in fact they did not use Cocos2D-X for the Switch, they just recode all the game in C++ without using Cocos2D-X frameworks.
But in the Nintendo Switch Dev Forum, there is someone who seems to have succed in porting Cocos2D-X to the Switch, so it might be possible after all!

I’m looking if someone wants to works, I’m searching a developper to port Cocos2D-X to Switch, if you are interested, let me know.



Porting should work fine. Toolchain is good and opengl is available. The issue is a dev kit.


As I remember there was story about team who released cocos2d-x game on Switch with publisher and publisher was helping them to adjust cocos and make all required stuff to pass validation. Maybe it is same game maybe another one :slight_smile:


Hello @relpot

I’m a c++ developer and I would like to help you with the Switch port. Please PM me your email so we can talk more. Thanks!


Has there been any progress made on this?


Nope. We are not currently working on Switch support.


Wow, the game Songbringer (by @natweiss), which is written with cocos2d-x, is coming to Switch. Can @natweiss tell something about the port? Was it an easy transition?