Support for the Nintendo Switch

Support for the Nintendo Switch
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It isn’t under NDA but it is very easy for you to find out. I can probably say that your number is high.

I too hope the EShop is better.


Yeah, seems like my source was wrong. It’s more like 2k - 3k according to most other sources I found.

I can’t look it up for the Switch yet, my Nintendo Developer registration is still pending. It seems to take a couple of days. Also it’s not sure if they listed it there yet.
But everything you see in the Nintendo Portal is under NDA, unfortunately.

Anyway, back to topic - thanks again that you ask the devs, looking forward to what they say :slight_smile:


Yup adding an agenda item to our weekly meeting.

It would be great to support it. I just don’t know how realistic it is.

Yes the dev portal is under NDA and I can probably give an option of I think indie devs will wait longer than those that belong to Wario World.


Supporting Switch would be great. Although there are still so many unknowns:

  • price to get a dev license (is it going to be $100 per year, or $10.000?)
  • is it going to be an open store ? (like google play or app store). Or is it going to be curated and only the super-polished games are going to be approved?

Because, depending on that, it might be suitable for cocos2d-x users, or not. As @slackmoehrle said, he is going to get in touch with Nintendo… let’s hope their platform will be “indie developer friendly”


I e-mailed folks at Nintendo to start conversations.

They have Wario World, which is geared towards studios, they can use c++ or whatever they choose. They have their Developer Portal which is their indie portal. They currently push Unity or NWF for indie devs.


Good news! The Nintendo Switch is reportedly supporting OpenGL 4.5, OpenGL ES, and Vulcan.


This is fantastic news. We are currently working with Nintendo to become an authorized tools developer.


Awesome! So much looking forward to it!


@slackmoehrle hey! any news about nintendo switch


@slackmoehrle I’d also love to hear some news.


A bump for interest!


Same, I’d love to see this happen. I’d really like to develop a game for the switch and I don’t want to use Unreal or Unity for 2D.


Sneakily implying details from a blog post over at (including comments)
It seems that a developer couldn’t port to WiiU due to the lack of C++11 (but now can port to the switch)

C++11 support together with OpenGL looks promising!


I believe this task is on hold for now. Without a US office the relationship is on hold pending Nintendo Japan being willing to work with a Chinese company. Nintendo America cannot work with a Chinese company due to government restrictions.


Damn! That’s bad news :pensive:
porting 2d (Cocos2dx) Projects to Unity is sooo damn hard :-/


UPDATE: in the last week, my Nintendo developer account was gotten authored, and accessed to all Nintendo Switch docs. Nintendo America is shipping a development kit device to our US office. We’re evaluating the possibility and workload to port cocos2d-x onto Switch.

It’s being evaluated, I don’t guarantee it will be done, or will come out very sooner. C++11, OpenGL ES 3.0, network, audio, JavaScript binding and Lua binding, there’re many things to research on NX.


Amazing news! Can’t wait to hear more when there’s news!


Hey gang, I partnered up with Panic Button to bring Astro Duel to the Switch. Yesterday we released it!

I think this is the first cocos2d-x based game to launch on the Switch? Really happy with how this version turned out.

Check it out here:

Or if you have a Switch, check it out on the eShop! :slight_smile:


Can you share the deets? Like, which version of cocos2d-x did you use, how hard was it to get up and running, etc …


We started with a project similar to this blog post. Used Cocos2d-x version 3.13.1. I focused on expanding the design of the game while Panic Button worked on getting it running on the hardware. There is a press release with some more info too.