Super Ninja TD - A tower defense game

Super Ninja TD - A tower defense game

Hello guys,
Here is the game I just released, it’s kind of tower defense, I hope to get many comments from everyone.
To make this game I used:
cocos2dx 3.17
Spine animation

Android: I’m working on Android version, it will be coming soon.

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Looks good. Give us some technical details!


I just updated about technical that i used in game.
I’m looking forward to the feedback from you guys.

Awesome. I can play it this weekend.

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Created with cocos creator or hand-coded?

I used cocos2dx 3.17 (hand-code c++).


Hi. Congrats. :smiley:
I play your game. It’s like the Defender.
How can you manage time for daily reward. Are you check time from device or internet?
What is your ad service?

How many developers worked on this? and how much time it took?

Thanks for supporting us!

When user open game I will get current time (just device’s time) and compare with last saved time then update new time if needed.

For now, i only use Admob.


Me and 1 artist, we worked about 3 months.