Super Casual Soccer - iOS and Android

Super Casual Soccer - iOS and Android


Our new game powered by cocos2d-x 3.17:

Super Casual Soccer

EDIT: now avaiable for iOS and Android!

Some facts:

  • We used Cocos Studio for UI and Animations (deprecated, I know, but still works :laughing:)
  • We are a Brazilian team of two: one programmer and one designer :brazil:
  • We started this game in april 2017, one month later we had paused the dev :pause_button:
  • We resumed the development in November 2018 and released today :slight_smile:
  • We used UBUNTU for the main dev (that’s why we didn’t use Cocos Creator :sleepy:)

Feel free to ask any questions.
Any feedback will be very welcome!

Download here:



Very nice game, congrats!


And what about the music/sounds? Did you download it at free? If yes, where?


Very simple and adorable artwork! I hope it is successful for you and your co-worker.


All musics and effects were download free from the web (cc0 license). Almost all are from


Congrats. Looks good. I’d like to play your game.

How is Coco Studio working for you. It hasn’t seen updates in quite some time. I also prefer Ubuntu for my daily work. Any issues that Linux posed that other OS’s would not have for you?

We may start doing our developer interview series again. Would you and your team be interested?


We were able to install Cocos Studio in Ubuntu and it’s works fine, despite some bugs! Works very well for the kind of animation we did.
It would be very nice to see Cocos Creator for linux .
We chose Ubuntu because Windows License and MAC’s prices in Brazil are very prohibitive (I bought a Macbook Pro just for ios release, but prefer to develop on Ubuntu, while my partner uses this OS too). We used 100% free apps for development, like Inkscape for art.
Yes, we would love to be interviewed!


Looks great i love it!


We released for Android today!


Off topic, most people is using Cocos Studio nowadays,so the Cocos team should consider to maintain the editor somehow or Let Cocos creator 2.x to export to C++


I agree with that . I understand the decision on focus in Cocos Creator, but still, Cocos Studio works really great with cocos2d-x . I love its texture packer . Maybe turning Cocos Studio open source would be easier for the cocos team to maintain this ?


it’s so good i downloaded for my brother lol :slight_smile: