Submit a PR for your favorite GitHub issue. (v3.18)

Hi All,

Some of you wrote to me and asked how you get involved in helping shape Cocos2d-x. Our engineering team talked about it and came up with about 160 GitHub issues we would like to solve for v3.18.

This is the v3.18 milestone

Pick one that you are interested in and code up a PR. Be sure to test. If you have questions we have guidelines but we can always talk about it with you.

Thanks everyone!


Great idea. Please polish the audio engine. I think it’s a most troublesome part of the current cocos2d-x engine. Just a few issues:

  1. (Android) while using SimpleAudioEngine when I played long sound no matter ogg or wav it was truncated after about 23 seconds. AudioEngine worked fine. I’ve discovered it yesterday.
  2. (Android) please remove WebAudioEngine for bigger audio files (it’s bad), instead we need some audio streaming in our AudioEngine (discussion here:
  3. change the strategy while playing more than 32 sounds (discussion here:
  4. (iOS) recently a friend of mine reported that after leaving the app and returning back later resulted in losing sound (music was still working) on the iPhone X (I believe it’s for all iPhones). I cannot file an issue, because I cannot reproduce it.

I’ve made a PR for #3 and a little fix for #2 (which just allows bigger files to be opened with oridnary AudioEngine):

I wish I knew how to fix the other things.

Is there some instructions on how to do a proper PR? like we have to run the tests?

please see the guidelines link above.


I like the Must compile WITHOUT warnings bullet point. I fixed some in a closed PR (, but in latest github commits there are already new one. I didn’t check the Android cmake build yet. - But I understand the main intention behind this message.

Yeah, that is sort of funny too. But these are guidelines. Obviously sometimes things happen!

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