Strange AdMob issue

Strange AdMob issue
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I am currently testing the lastest AdMob plugin of sdkbox.
Everything works like a charm on ios.
But on Android i have a very strange issue. When a call sdkbox::PluginAdMob::init(), it opens the following web page :

com.mistwalkercorp.guardians is not the package name of my game. By entering that package name on google, it leads me to Terra Battle app…

Anyone has an idea about this issue ? Is it a bug in the last Admob plugin or anything else ?



That’s really strange, can you double check if your app id was configured correctly ?


It could be you have some virus on your Android device. Also it could be that admob was trying to show ads to that package name and something went worng - what happening if you disable usb debug? or maybe some malware asking for it:)


My app id is ok. I already integrated admob mediation in another project (with firebase) by myself and everything is ok. But not in a cross plateforme way, that’s why i wanted to try out the sdkbox plugin. So i don’t think it’s a virus.
If i disable debuging, the web page won’t show but ads still won’t work (can’t cache or show).

The strange thing is that this web page will only be shown once, on the first launch of the app only, after installation.

Maybe my project is broken on android. I’ll try to integrate admob on a fresh project and will tell you if it works.

Thanks for your help.


How is the progress?