Stopping Background Music Causes ANR On Some Android Devices

Hi, I’m using Cocos2dx 3.17.2 with AudioEngine in my game and i’m having some App Not Responding (ANR) warnings in Firebase Crashlytics as shown below.

Crashlytics points to the line where I stop background music before start playing new background music.

Here’s the code that causes problem.

AudioEngine::stop(backgroundMusic); // ANR Happens Here In
backgroundMusic = AudioEngine::play2d(StringUtils::format("Sounds/BackgroundMusic/%d.mp3", gameAreaName), true, volumeBGMusic);

As far as I know AudiEngine::stop(backgroundMusic) triggers cocos2d: experimental:UrlAudioPlayer:stop0 and that leads to ANR.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help or directions in help would be appreciated.

Thank You For Your Time.