Steam game won't launch in Italy

Steam game won't launch in Italy


Hey, weird question here. I have an Italian user who can play my 2018 game, but can’t run my 2019 beta. Every other beta tester has been able to install and test just fine.

However, while it installs on his PC and Mac, it simply won’t launch. I’m going to do some research to see if there are any debugging options in Steam, but I can’t imagine why it won’t launch on his computers. I assume that writablePath works for all languages.

The only differences I know of:

  • 2018 used cocos2d-x version 3.13, while 2019 uses 3.16
  • 2019 uses the Audio Engine
  • 2019 links with the steam dll

And again, every tester who’s installed this in the United States has been fine.

Any suggestions?


What does the event viewer say in Windows and on Mac?


I’ve asked him a few times to check the Windows event viewer, but he hasn’t. He may be intimidated by it. Is easier on the Mac? I’ve never tried that.

Problem is, I can’t think of a way to replicate what he’s experiencing. I asked him if he has any other friends in Italy who play on Steam, but he hasn’t responded yet.

This is a very nice guy who has created great art work and improved my players. I hate that he can’t play it, and I’m hoping that maybe something obvious will jump out. “Hope” isn’t very encouraging, though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking. If you have any tips on using, I can try to pass them on. And I hope he’ll check the Windows event viewer.

Meanwhile, I just submitted the game to Steam for review, so I’m hoping that, if there really is an issue, that they will find it.

#4 is super visual. Should just be able to look for your app.


Hey, some good news. A great guy who’s also a developer found that my game isn’t linking with the libsteam_api.dylib library. So now I just need to know how to correctly configure Xcode to ship that library with the executable and also link to it.

I added that to the link stage, but I’m missing something.

The good news I’m now able to duplicate it, so once I have a solution, I should feel comfortable deploying that for the other two guys to test.


Ok, fixed it! I added a “copy” phase to copy this dynamic library to the executables folder. Whew!!