🌠 🐰 [Game][Free] Good Dreams

:stars: :rabbit: [Game][Free] Good Dreams

Dear friends,

let me announce our first game “Good Dreams” using cocos2d-x 3.15

Our app is now available on Google Play, we have 1000+ downloads for the moment.Get it on Google Play
This is a little game, we tried to see what we can do with cocos2d-x in a spare time.
After this experiment I decided to continue to use cocos2d-x at least for few next games.

The game is simple - tap stars, do not wake bunny; however, not all the stars are good to tap :wink:
Also you can select other hero before the game; by the way, suggest your hero to add in the next release :slight_smile:

Check out a game play video to see it in action -

We used c++, cocos2d-x 3.15, sdkbox, gimp and deprecated cocos studio to create simple animations.

Thank you.




thank you.
in fact, I used google badge generator and did not notice that it created very big button; will try to change it and will edit the post.


Congrats on the release. Interesting game play.


Thank you :smile:


Hi guys,

There is a little update about Good Dreams game Get it on Google Play
Today I found it in Google Play’s Indie corner :smile:

Thanks to the Cocos2d-x team for the great open source game engine!

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