[SSRShaderGallery] Online Shader FX Library

sorry for my late reply – this is a deploy issue and was already fixed – you can try again to verify

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@supersuraccoon1 cannot login to SSRShaderGallery anymore

@supersuraccoon1 Hello, I am trying to run gallery in Cocos Creator 3.7.0, but I see this error:

Sorry for the late reply – it is a backend issue and it will be fixed with 1 hour.

I had purchased the extension and needed user

Hi, thanks, now I can login. However, looks like in Cocos Creator 3.7.1 some issues…
I see a lot of error when export shader:

I am not familiar with shaders, but looks like there was a problem with imports:
When I changed includes as in builtin sprite shader everything start to work


Hello, have your planne to translate the plugin to english with Chat GPT?
We would like to use the plugin for CC 3.8