[SSRShaderGallery] Online Shader FX Library

Hi @supersuraccoon1,

  1. Leave a comment right here in the comment section with your purchasing account and a email that I can send you the account information

svlad1990, svlad1990@gmail.com

Thanks for your support and I have sent the account information to your email, please check your mailbox :wink:

Thanks! I was able to successfully log in and reset the password. Let me know once you’ll release the ShaderEditor ( if that’ll ever happen ). That one seems to be a much more powerful tool.

v1.3.0 Updated

====== Feature ======

  1. New FX Export Menu
  2. Export Creator v3.x shader file based on builtin-unlit
  3. Export Creator v3.x shader file based on builtin-sprite

ShaderGallery Update v1.3.0 on Youtube

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The upcoming update is under development :

Now you can preview the Shader FX in Cocos Creator Scene with selected Render Target so that you can know what the Shader FX you choose will affect your game without having to compile and run you game.

ShaderGallery Cocos Creator Scene Preview

Update 2021.08.12

Today I tried a to make Gallery plugin to work with the v3.x version and here is some progress:

ShaderGallery Creator Scene Preview 3d

There are still lots of works to be done but I am sure it will be a great feature for this plugin and Creator as well.

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Hi, I just bought your extension, but it requires log in, what should I do?

Thanks for your support and I have sent you an email with the account information :smile:

Hi, My colleague just bought your extension, but he can’t log in.
When he log in it’ll show “this app is achive, please restore …”.

This my colleague email : mccskmitl@gmail.com

I can ask tech support for help.

Sorry for my late reply I will contact you using email soon :slight_smile:

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I have created the account for you and sent it to your email.

BTW, I have created a skype account recently you can find me on skype for quick conversation :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Now, He can use this extension

@supersuraccoon1 how did you all buy this? The Chinese payment methods listed are not familiar to me. I’m interested in the product though! How about PayPal? :slight_smile:

well I am not sure how it works in the English Store but I think the Paypal is supported there ~~

Update 2021.11.02

====== Bugfix ======

  1. DnD issues fixed
  2. Sub texture size issues fixed

====== Feature ======

New effects added ( now it’s 100+ in total ) :

  1. AnimatedBokehBlue
  2. AnimatedGlow
  3. BallOfFire
  4. BinocularsMask
  5. BlockyDissolve
  6. BlockyTile
  7. BlueFlame
  8. BurningFade
  9. CartoonVideoStyle
  10. CeramicGlowMosaic
  11. ColorCycling
  12. ColorizePosterize
  13. CrosshatchFade
  14. CrossWarpFade
  15. CurlNoiseFade
  16. DimLight
  17. DisintegrationFade
  18. ElectricBall
  19. ElectricFlash
  20. ElectricSinusoine
  21. ErosionFade
  22. FilmBurnFade
  23. FloatingBubble
  24. FloatingSmoke
  25. Geyse
  26. GlitchFade
  27. GridFlipFade
  28. HeatDistortEx
  29. InfernoFire
  30. Interstellar
  31. LevelFilter
  32. LumaFade
  33. MatrixColorFilter
  34. MatrixTerminal
  35. MinimalistStyle
  36. NoiseFade
  37. PixelOffsetFade
  38. PointsHatching
  39. RadialAtmosphere
  40. RadialFlare
  41. RainbowFilter
  42. RainDropRipple
  43. RevealFade
  44. RippleFade
  45. ScatterBlue
  46. ShinyLight
  47. ShutterFade
  48. SketchyStippling
  49. SliceFade
  50. SnowFall
  51. SnowFlake
  52. SolarizationFilter
  53. SpaceRinge
  54. SpeckleCrossFade
  55. VColorization
  56. VolcanoAirFlow
  57. WaterWaveFade
  58. WindBlowFade
  59. ZoomBlurFad

I just bought it, and just send you an email.
Pls help to check and active my account.
Thanks you for this plugin.

Thanks for your support and I have replied your mail with account info, please check :grinning:

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Hi @supersuraccoon1

There are 2 parts: Geometry FX and UV Basic FX, i can’t see the content inside.
Do I have to do any configuration to view the content inside?

sorry for my late reply – this is a deploy issue and was already fixed – you can try again to verify

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