Sprites showing in camera preview but not in build preview?

So, I’m about to pull what precious little hair I have left, right out of my head… mainly because I know this problem has to have a simple solution… but I can’t seem to find it!

I am developing some shaders (trying, anyway) and I’ve got a simple burn dissolve shader on a poker chip in the editor. It looks fine. When I adjust the dissolve amount, it burns away as it should. Also, when I look at the camera preview window, I see the poker chip and the dissolve effect as I would expect. The problem is, when I click the play icon at the top to preview in browser, I cant see the sprite at all. If I take the material off, I can see it… when I apply the material, it disappears. Again ONLY in the build preview… it still shows fine in the editor and the camera preview…

My initial thought is that maybe there is some setting that is causing the mat or shder to not get included in the build preview… but at this point… I have no clue and no idea where to look. The self help resources for cocos are limited as is… and now that they have changed so much, half of the info I find is outdated and obsolete… Any ideas or help would be GREATLY appreciated!

I think there are two steps can be used to find out what happened from my own experience.
1st, check the layer of your node, if it is a 2d node. please make sure is it set to UI_2D, or it will be ignored by the camera under Canvas.

2nd, reset the effect in the material of your poker chip to default(standard for 3d, builtin-sprite for 2d), this will help you check if there is some compatibility problems with your custom shader. if it shows correctly in your build preview after doing this, that means you should re-check your shader.

hope it can help.

In case anyone is experiencing this issue, I found the fix for it. I still don’t have a clue how/why this works, but going into project settings and enabling CLEANUP_IMAGE_CACHE worked for me!