Spriter cocos2dx support

hello! any news from the guys who worked on a full plugin implention of cocos2dx to spriter ?

the one that i know about and not working properly and has tons of bugs

anyone has a better version he can share ? thannks

This has the latest implementation i know about. it would be great if the cocos2d-x devs could look into it and see if its up to date and adjust accordingly. Spriter is much more in line with ccs2d philosophy than spine, with its license requirements that chuckong doesnt even know how to handle.
Its also available on steam and cheaper than spine.

I’m going to test it myself later on, but i’m no c++ master programmer, so it would be great if someone who actually knows how the engine works in-depth, could look into it.

Currently using Cocostudio 1.6 and Flash for Skeletal Animation.

Haven’t used Spriter. Looking through its feature, it can be an additional option for skeletal animation in cocos2dx.

+1 Support

Is there any demo or example which can clearly show how to use spriter for cocos2d-x ! ? I searched a lot on this but din’t find any helpful … please help. Thank you