SpriteBuilderX - editor for Cocos2d-X with C++ support

SpriteBuilderX - editor for Cocos2d-X with C++ support
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It’s already Xcode 9, and you definitely should not use any older version. Thats Apple’s philosophy.
And to support new products like iPhone X you have no other options even.
And you want to use Xcode 7? Ehm… that very bad idea and I have no ideas if it will compile, but probably it will…


I use Xcode 7, with the simulators of 8. I use 8 only if i want to compile SpriteBuilderX.
And at the moment i don’t care about Xcode 9, or Sierra. Till i can i don’t jump to the train what the Apple want,
buy always the newest hardware. (Or hackintosh)


Hi friends,

Will SBX work with my latest cocos2d(iOS) CCB files? (animations, et c)


There are some auto convert options, so probably. But if it opens - just copy all nodes from that ccb into a new scenes created in new SBX. I did that to prevent any possible problems.
So for example I opened MainMenu.ccb in SBX and all works, I renamed it to MainMenu_old.ccb and created new and blank MainMenu.ccb, then copy all nodes into from _old, finally removed MainMenu_old.ccb
Thats ideal setup of conversion from old to new as I think, however it may even work just like after opening.


Thanks for the info, good news for our game, we have hundreds animation in old SB))


And so all works and new SBX read them?


solved fixed

Cocos installation: command not found

The environment variable is not correct? cocos is just a by script.


It was mistakes in tutorial understanding… Atm i have some progression.

Now i used:

  1. GitHub Desktop to download newnons latest build, chose Current Branch v3.16 in Desktop.
  2. Next in terminal: $ python download-deps.py + $ git submodule update --init
  3. Built a new project with command line
  4. In newnons modded project copied cocos2d-x >“cocos” folder and pasted it in to the new project “MyGame/cocos2d” with full replacement of “cocos” as newnon wrote.

And when i try to build the project, i get this log:


That’s a new modification, so probably new project not supported with it. Just 0, 0.


Ok, now it works :slight_smile:

We did “some” tests and found issue in latest git of SBX.

  1. First of all we did new project in SBX.
  2. When we add ccb node to the SCENE we get bug with textures coordinates:
  • as i found - only in Landscape mode

Ok, then we downloaded your SpriteBuilderX-Demo-master and found that your old SpriteBuilderXDemo.spritebuilder projects works without this bug.

All new projects created through SBX are bugged.


Appdelegate is different and we don’t use resolution policy. This project not official so you should think your own and compare with demos if something not works.

However, it’s not open bug product. I’m developing game using it and all is perfect and stable.


Please help to understand how to get the animation manager of a node which is loaded from the SpriteBuilder? I need it to run another timeline of a node. A node itself does not have a property like AnimationManager. I tried to get it by creating an heir from NodeLoader. But I also could not managed to get it this way.

The second question: how to get an access of callbacks in the code which are indicated in timelines of SpriteBuilder?



I personally never used animations in SBX. But it’s fully supported and works. Here is some code snippet.

cocos2d::spritebuilder::CCBAnimationManager* anim = cocos2d::spritebuilder::CCBAnimationManager::fromNode(rootNode);
        if (anim)
            anim->runAnimationsForSequenceNamed"Default Timeline");

Also, any tutorial about old Spritebuilder is almost fit to new SBX. There are many information and tutorials, just google: “spritebuilder makeschool” and\or “spritebuilder tutorial”.


Can I still use SpriteBuilderX for building Win32 applications? Windows is the most popular desktop gaming OS.


SBX is not app for building applications. It’s level editor(scene) and resources packer.
It’s whatever platform you targeting, just select proper resource type, supported by that platform and publish. But you can run SBX under macOS only. Thats it.


SpriteBuilderX is a great project. It’s actually what most of C++ developers want from CocosCreator (and will newer get). The only thing that makes me stay away from it - different cocos branch. This branch obviously differs from original version and it is risky to switch to it for many developers because it’s future is undefined for now.
newton does a great job by fixing a lot of bugs of original cocos. But why doesn’t he merge his fixes to original cocos?
Here is an example of such fix newton made in his branch. But original cocos branch still has these issues.


Yea and too bad that creator developers have no idea what they are doing… as I believe.

It’s because loader code also requires changes of engine code, which is hard to merge or don’t even wanted to be merged…

Yea, thats why I choose(like) to use it instead of just official version. It includes all fixes from original + additional fixes.

As I see, it’s because when he pushed update(some time before he actually created some pull requests time to time) and tried to spent time with it by describing what and why it’s needed - actual result is bureaucracy, and pull was just ignored or like put on backlog or need to be tested and so on… Or even worse - pull closed(ignored) without merge, with some reason. So he probably just don’t want to waste time now, too much other work needs to be done.

I’m developing my game using this branch for about 9 months and never faced some crash or even problem with it, it’s very stable as for me.

What about future… it’s used in production games, so it’s all alive and supported… I hope for a long time.
Actually, when I’m look at cocos creator - I’m sure that it will fail like cocos studio. So what happened next… maybe official cocos2d-x will not be supported then. Or even maybe Swift will be used by google on android and so C++ and js, lua will be like abandoned and not needed. New cross-platform engines will arrive based on just Swift. I don’t know…(Swift code will run on Google’s Fuchsia OS)


Hi! Greetings from Argentina. I downloaded and tried to use SpriteBuilderX and works perfect, but i cannot run any edited level maked using it.
I followed the instructions from https://github.com/KAMIKAZEUA/SpriteBuilderX-Demo
First clone the repo recursively (git clone --recursive https://github.com/KAMIKAZEUA/SpriteBuilderX-Demo). Then run SpriteBuilderX-Demo/cocos2d/download-deps.py
Open SpriteBuilderX-Demo/SpriteBuilderXDemo.spritebuilder and publish.
When i try to build SpriteBuilderXDemo.xcodeproj, first CCFileUtils and CCFileUtils-apple fail because system funtion its not allowed anymore (Call to unavailable function ‘system’: not available on iOS), so i replaced CCFileUtils with the last version found in Cocos2dx 3.16.
Then, i can build but when i try to run in simulator cannot load the file because of the version number 9 ("WARNING! Incompatible ccbx file version) and the app fail because null pointers.
If i comment the version validation i get this console message: “no corresponding node loader for position” and the app fail again.
Sorry if my english isn’t the best. Any help would be appreciated.


Just use latest commit for cocos2d-x newnon.
That demo was created a long time ago, but editor updates very often, so after some time you should use latest commit and always.
Also, don’t replace anything it will not work.
Also2, what versions you see in About of SBX?