SpriteBuilderX - editor for Cocos2d-X with C++ support

SpriteBuilderX - editor for Cocos2d-X with C++ support
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You say exactly what I think :smile: and also I had the same situation - I didn’t want to use cocos2d-x because of these awkward editors: cocos studio2, cocos creator… etc.

Now, I’ve ideal and simple open source editor that I can change to fits my needs. Thats cool.

Someone may say that editor for cross-platform game engine should be available at least for windows too.
But anyway you need Mac to deploy games for iOS. Mac is ideal platform for development. Almost all cocos2d-x developers creating their games under Mac in Xcode. After game done say by 95% - it’s time to compile it for android and again it’s so easy on Mac.

However, rewriting SBX using Qt looks like a nice compromise. I wish cocos2d-x team started such open source development… But I do not think that this will happen…

p.s. I’ve never used real Mac product(Mac Mini, iMac etc.) for development. Nowadays, it’s really easy to install hackintosh using most popular PC hardware parts(tonymacx86) and get cheap and powerful macOS.


I wish this would be on windows. It looks really cool but I don’t like mac and Visual Studio is probably the best IDE out there to develop in c++. Cocos was born in mac, lots of IOS apps are made in cocos, so its obvious that most of the tools for cocos are made for mac which is kind of sad. Probably I’m never gonna use this tool but it certainly looks great. Congratulations


When you using cross-platform game engine you targeting for at least two major platforms: iOS and android.

You can’t compile for iOS under windows, but you can compile for any platform on Mac.

So, it’s obviously which OS should be used.


No, you can code almost everything in windows and at the end use a mac to port the game which is what I do. You can use a virtual machine or pay 20 bucks to rent a cloud service for a month and port your game. Visual Studio is better than xcode and if you also want to support windows then is better to work in windows


My own opinion is: windows = crap. :slight_smile: Nothing personal. Virtual is even worse than windows.
And you need to test your game on real iOS devices and other. Debug in real time, fixing leaks. You need a real Mac, where you can test and debug for both platforms. So, again it’s obvious which OS should be used. But lets stop here, because it’s off-topic. I personally will never develop any editor specially for windows :slight_smile: thats it.


I totally agree with you. After i gave a try to use Mac for developing app, game, etc…, I have to admit that i will never ever comeback to windows. The benefits of the OSX environment are obvious. Thats why almost developers in my country wish to own a Mac for programming, but that’s still too expensive though.:joy:


Doing that would be awesome. I want this so bad but I’m on windows sadly. There are probably many others in the same position as me.


The biggest minus point of this tool is you have to use customized cocos2d-x branch.
External library should be such a way that just put bunch of extra files in your classes folder and it should work.
It should not mess with engine itself.
Topic closed.


I personally did not change anything in cocos2d-x. As reminder, this project was started and implemented fully by @newnon
I think there are too many modifications to get easy approve from official cocos team, besides they not interested in it, otherwise where is any comments here from them? Like: “oh cool editor, lets merge it with official repo”.

But it would be great to create and merge such pull request. But it’s a huge task, to create and merge and test…
Currently cocos2d-x from newnon contains all patches and lets “synchronised” with official repo. I’m using it with my game and all works perfectly.


The reason behind this may be continues support.
Whenever new version comes they have to be sure its working fine with latest version.
They have to check/update code each on every release.
Also for cross-platform engine tool should be cross-platform too.


Now you understand and answered yourself why all this tool was developed with custom cocos2d-x :slight_smile:


Probably, and it should be open-source as the engine :wink:


This is awesome!

Is there a way we can use cocos2d-js with it?


Nope, js will not be supported. This editor only for macOS and C++.


By the way, SBX https://github.com/newnon/SpriteBuilderX and cocos2d-x(which works with it) https://github.com/newnon/cocos2d-x/tree/v3.15.1 has been updated to latest versions.

How it works for this cocos2d-x fork: it’s official cocos2d-x code + even more fixes and custom loader for SBX.

I’m using it for my game, all works perfect and stable. Also I’m usually working on fixing bugs in SBX, if I’ve found some :slight_smile:


Updated for Xcode 9 and iPhone X. Check first post for links of it repo.


Great job, thanks


So, we now need to follow a new rules for iPhone X and with SpriteBuilderX it’s so easy.
WYSIWYG editor gives you ability to configure scene without even running and testing it on actual device.
Here is my result so far:

I’ve added this AdoptGUIDemo.spritebuilder project into SBX demo on github. So you can check how I can adopt GUI for all devices like iPhone 5, 6, 7, 7+, iPhone X, any iPad’s and actually any resolution.

Here is quick setup for this SBX project:

First, in project options, Scenes scale type should be MinScale

Second, nodes hierarchy should be like this:


And finally, options for CCNodeGUI:


Please note, that it’s my idea of how I will probably adopt my game for iPhone X and along with it all other resolutions.
For sure you can do it whatever you like, but make sure to check Apple recommendations/ requirements - https://developer.apple.com/ios/update-apps-for-iphone-x/

iPhone X - How to draw in the corners?
Designing for iPhone X
Designing for iPhone X

any tutorials/documentation related to latest cocos2d-x @KAMIKAZE ? googled it but some post using old version of cocos2d-x and cocos2d-iphone. :frowning:


The main idea is the same, all works same as was for old SpriteBuilder, I mean designing GUI in it.
In first post you can find demo of the project…
All intuitive and should be easy to use. I would love to write tutorials&answer all questions about SpriteBuilderX but it’s fully ignored by official cocos2d-x guys, and so without them I will not be one who push this editor. I’m here just to share it. I’m working on it every day and developing my game in it. All works perfect I don’t need any other editors.

Saying that, you should be some experienced developer before with CocosBuilder or SpriteBuilder to more easily pick up this project…


SpriteBuilder-x is really good. I use it also. And thanx for it.
Just a small question: Why need for it Xcode 8? It would compile with 7, or not?