SpriteBuilderX - editor for Cocos2d-X with C++ support

SpriteBuilderX - editor for Cocos2d-X with C++ support
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This is awesome!

Is there a way we can use cocos2d-js with it?


Nope, js will not be supported. This editor only for macOS and C++.


By the way, SBX https://github.com/newnon/SpriteBuilderX and cocos2d-x(which works with it) https://github.com/newnon/cocos2d-x/tree/v3.15.1 has been updated to latest versions.

How it works for this cocos2d-x fork: it’s official cocos2d-x code + even more fixes and custom loader for SBX.

I’m using it for my game, all works perfect and stable. Also I’m usually working on fixing bugs in SBX, if I’ve found some :slight_smile:


Updated for Xcode 9 and iPhone X. Check first post for links of it repo.


Great job, thanks


So, we now need to follow a new rules for iPhone X and with SpriteBuilderX it’s so easy.
WYSIWYG editor gives you ability to configure scene without even running and testing it on actual device.
Here is my result so far:

I’ve added this AdoptGUIDemo.spritebuilder project into SBX demo on github. So you can check how I can adopt GUI for all devices like iPhone 5, 6, 7, 7+, iPhone X, any iPad’s and actually any resolution.

Here is quick setup for this SBX project:

First, in project options, Scenes scale type should be MinScale

Second, nodes hierarchy should be like this:


And finally, options for CCNodeGUI:


Please note, that it’s my idea of how I will probably adopt my game for iPhone X and along with it all other resolutions.
For sure you can do it whatever you like, but make sure to check Apple recommendations/ requirements - https://developer.apple.com/ios/update-apps-for-iphone-x/

iPhone X - How to draw in the corners?
Designing for iPhone X
Designing for iPhone X

any tutorials/documentation related to latest cocos2d-x @KAMIKAZE ? googled it but some post using old version of cocos2d-x and cocos2d-iphone. :frowning:


The main idea is the same, all works same as was for old SpriteBuilder, I mean designing GUI in it.
In first post you can find demo of the project…
All intuitive and should be easy to use. I would love to write tutorials&answer all questions about SpriteBuilderX but it’s fully ignored by official cocos2d-x guys, and so without them I will not be one who push this editor. I’m here just to share it. I’m working on it every day and developing my game in it. All works perfect I don’t need any other editors.

Saying that, you should be some experienced developer before with CocosBuilder or SpriteBuilder to more easily pick up this project…


SpriteBuilder-x is really good. I use it also. And thanx for it.
Just a small question: Why need for it Xcode 8? It would compile with 7, or not?


It’s already Xcode 9, and you definitely should not use any older version. Thats Apple’s philosophy.
And to support new products like iPhone X you have no other options even.
And you want to use Xcode 7? Ehm… that very bad idea and I have no ideas if it will compile, but probably it will…


I use Xcode 7, with the simulators of 8. I use 8 only if i want to compile SpriteBuilderX.
And at the moment i don’t care about Xcode 9, or Sierra. Till i can i don’t jump to the train what the Apple want,
buy always the newest hardware. (Or hackintosh)


Hi friends,

Will SBX work with my latest cocos2d(iOS) CCB files? (animations, et c)


There are some auto convert options, so probably. But if it opens - just copy all nodes from that ccb into a new scenes created in new SBX. I did that to prevent any possible problems.
So for example I opened MainMenu.ccb in SBX and all works, I renamed it to MainMenu_old.ccb and created new and blank MainMenu.ccb, then copy all nodes into from _old, finally removed MainMenu_old.ccb
Thats ideal setup of conversion from old to new as I think, however it may even work just like after opening.


Thanks for the info, good news for our game, we have hundreds animation in old SB))


And so all works and new SBX read them?


solved fixed

Cocos installation: command not found

The environment variable is not correct? cocos is just a by script.


It was mistakes in tutorial understanding… Atm i have some progression.

Now i used:

  1. GitHub Desktop to download newnons latest build, chose Current Branch v3.16 in Desktop.
  2. Next in terminal: $ python download-deps.py + $ git submodule update --init
  3. Built a new project with command line
  4. In newnons modded project copied cocos2d-x >“cocos” folder and pasted it in to the new project “MyGame/cocos2d” with full replacement of “cocos” as newnon wrote.

And when i try to build the project, i get this log:


That’s a new modification, so probably new project not supported with it. Just 0, 0.


Ok, now it works :slight_smile:

We did “some” tests and found issue in latest git of SBX.

  1. First of all we did new project in SBX.
  2. When we add ccb node to the SCENE we get bug with textures coordinates:
  • as i found - only in Landscape mode

Ok, then we downloaded your SpriteBuilderX-Demo-master and found that your old SpriteBuilderXDemo.spritebuilder projects works without this bug.

All new projects created through SBX are bugged.