Sprite shadow effect

I want to add shadow effect to sprite?, for round edge rectangle. like this images (image1, image2).

how can we achieve this shadow effect?

You need to create an image with the shadow effect using photoshop or any other image editing tools.
As far as I know, Cocos wouldn’t be able to create a shadow effect for images.

You can have one plain image and an other image with shadow. Then switch these two images when required.

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I want this effect with cocos code.

I am searching related this shadow effect example, or test sample code.
I don’t find any code related to this effect. Finally, I have also been thinking what you send, regarding shadow effect.

@slackmoehrle there no shadow effect in cocos2d JS?

I’ve given you the API ref a few times.

Cocos2d-js is very outdated and does not contain all of the same functionality as cocos2d-x. Cocos Creator is a much better solution.

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thanks for replay @Quitalizner :slightly_smiling_face:.

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We (my team) will think about this for upcoming projects, to shift either Coco2d-x or Cocos Creator.
thanks for replay @slackmoehrle.

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