Sprite position precision -> flickers while scrolled

Sprite position precision -> flickers while scrolled


I figured out, that my sprites are flickering while scrolled slowly at subpixel positions.

I read this issue https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/issues/12847 and I want to ask where to set the precision to highp?

For me it seems like, it is done by CCGLProgram::complileShader automatically or do I have to change a predefined shader? For example: ccPositionTextureColor_vert, ccPositionTextureColor_frag?

I tried this already but see no difference on Windows machine (not tested right now on iPhone device).

As written in the mentioned issue by @ricardo, I inserted a border with 2 pixels around each frame and also add one additional pixel for extruding. Is that the right way? It makes things better but still not perfect. Means there is still a little bit of flickering.

Maybe you can share your latest findings? @UKDeveloper99 @stevetranby

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Just want to add. The sprites are not flickering when extruded and bordered but for my eyes but they move one pixel forward and backwards. So, I guess the precision to calculate the pixel position is not accurate.

I’ll be honest dude, I haven’t used Cocos2d for about 3 years. I can’t even remember what the issue was let alone the fix.

I think using sprite atlases helped, to the power 2 size.

Thats sad. Out of curioisty, which Engine do you use now and are there no issues with subpixel rendering?

My game development days are on a hiatus at the moment :frowning: mainly due to lack of time. If I were to use anything I’d be looking at Unreal or Unity or possibly the new Godot engine. While I do have fond memories of Cocos2D-x it just feels a little too time consuming to achieve similar things that the other major platforms can do quicker.

Did you follow Ricardo’s suggestions at the end of this issue btw? https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/issues/12847

Unfortunately, if I round to integer pixel positions, the scrolling will not be smooth.

No the bit about using extrude 2 and something else, in texture packer options.

I am not using TexturePacker. I have used for my images a border with 2 pixels around each frame and also add one additional pixel for extruding. But I am not sure, If that’s the rright approach. In code, a SpriteFrame is created with a rect without the border and extruded pixels.

I also find a thread in chinese language where same issue occurs: https://forum.cocos.com/t/topic/40483/51 But there seems to be no solution, right? @minggo