Sprite border looks like not anti-aliased after rotation

Sprite border looks like not anti-aliased after rotation
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I’m dealing with this issue, on the left is the sprite before rotate, and on the right it’s rotated. As you could notice, the border is not anti-aliased


Actually it looks fine on Android, but not anti-aliased on Web on iOS


@slackmoehrle, @pandamicro, @nantas

Can you guys take a look at this?


On web, currently there is only texture anti-aliasing, we don’t support view anti-aliasing yet, so rotation will indeed introduce some artifacts at the border


This information is very relevant, and should be included in the docs/tutorials.


Is there any tricks I can archive this rotation without jaggies border?


I think this post could be helpful


it’s on web, how can I enable view anti-aliasing on native?


Hi @trungnt85,

do you have one pixel wide empty border around the image? I ask because the rounded parts look good.

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yeah it does


Hi @pandamicro

In iOS, is a node with Sprite component is compiled in form of UIImageView?