Spine tool for cocos2d-x c++

Spine tool for cocos2d-x c++

Anyone here can recommend spine tool to make animation for cocos2d-x 3.17?



Yes Creature

This author is amazing, docs are top notch. Updates are frequent. I’ve met him and he is almost like a super hero.


Cool thanks! Will it work for the runtime shipped in cocos2d-x 3.17?


I haven’t tried but I’d be happy to email them and ask.


Yes please, that be nice to know :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it will work with “Esoteric Software” spine shipped in 3.17 below.


@vkreal2 Spine is made by Esoteric Software, while Creature is by Kestrel Moon, and they are in no way related. Each has it’s own run-time module. It may be possible to convert between the two formats, but other than that, the Spine run-time will not play the Creature animations, and vice versa.

Creature has it’s own Cocos2d-x run-time that works with 3.17.1, which you can find here.

Other than that there’s also DragonBones.

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You used DragBones before with cocos2d-x? How is it?


Sorry no, I’m not the one who creates the art assets, so I can’t remark on how good DragonBones is. I’m not entirely sure if the graphic designer I work with actually used DragonBones either. What I do know for certain is that we evaluated both Spine and Creature (almost a year ago), and we ended up settling with Spine, purely for a feature that Creature didn’t support at the time (I think it does so now though).

FYI, Spine has some, what I would consider to be, major design issues, so I can only recommend that anyone considering it actually trial it before any decision is made. Such issues include what is, quite frankly, a terrible UI that actually gets in the way of the creative process, and counter-intuitive input mappings; it literally goes against many UI/UX design conventions. Other than that, we may have possibly made a mistake in choosing Spine, but given our requirements at the time, it was the only choice.

The alternatives to Spine have progressed enough to have similar, and perhaps even better functionality than Spine, so don’t rush with your evaluation of them, and choose wisely.


Very much thanks for your feedback!

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