Spine animations do not run when creating a skeleton at runtime

Hi everyone,

I’m facing an issue with Spine in CC 3.8.0. I tried to create a skeleton node at runtime and load SkeletonData from a resource. The node and sp.Skeleton component were successfully created, but it only shows a static image; the animation is not running.

Here is the code:

resources.load('animations/rambu', sp.SkeletonData, (err, skeletonData) => {
    if (err) {

    const anims = Object.keys(skeletonData.getAnimsEnum()).filter(key => key !== '<None>');

    const skeletonNode = new Node();
    skeletonNode.parent = this.node;

    const skeleton = skeletonNode.addComponent(sp.Skeleton);
    skeleton.skeletonData = skeletonData;
    skeleton.animation = anims[0];
    skeleton.premultipliedAlpha = false;
    skeleton.loop = true;

and here is the result:

Creator Version Spine Support Version
v2.0.7 and below v2.5
v2.0.8~v2.1 v3.6
v2.2 v3.7
v2.3 and above v3.8

please make sure the spine version is compliance with the cocos Version.

You can try with change : move statement get anims to after granting parent for skeleton node.

I have already asked our animator, they are using Spine v3.8.99

I have already tried that, but it’s not working. There is no issue if I create a node manually using the editor, this issue only appears when creating a node (including instantiating a prefab) programmatically.

Oh, my bad. I ran the project without saving the code. It really works. Thank you so much for your answer. :smile:

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