SPINE animation preview/player tool

SPINE animation preview/player tool


Sometimes when working with SPINE you just wish there was a simple player to preview all the animations that were created, and to test how they play in a sequence. For this exact reason I have made a this SPINE preview/player tool.

So please check it out!

Both Windows and OS X versions are available.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.


Nice tool!
You know what? I created something similar few months ago for my own use. In my case file chooser will pop up, you choose a file and it opens. Then you can switch skins and play animations. I don’t support displaying bones list, yet I can drag model around (mine were really big and truncated in your app), scale it and change animation speed using sliders instead of keyboard shortcuts.

So… here’s mine:
SpinePreview-desktop.app.zip (4.1 MB)


Nice! But it seems that it was build using the old version of spine or something.

Also, since playing animations one by one is also available in SPINE editor, the main point was to be able to play animation sequences.

Scaling and moving is also available, check the README for controls.

in my system visual studio 2013 installed

Strange :open_mouth:

Well, I’m using cocos2d-x 3.11.1, because I have a lot of problems with migrating to 3.12 or higher.

You can’t play sequences in my app, yet you can switch between animations just by clicking on them. It’s not the same though.
“Dodaj wszystkie mixy” (“Add all mixes”) runs setMix between all animations (with short time). It’s pretty nice for testing transitions between animations.

I’ve read your readme. Moving is just pretty hard to use :smiley:

Also sorry for polish language in the app, it was just for my own so I didn’t care about making it in english :slight_smile:


@ersumitlakhani I didn’t check @crugthew on my Windows, but back when I tried my own it worked on windows 8.1, but crashed with similar exception on windows 10.


Hm, it’s compiled in release mode so Visual Studio version should not matter. Really don’t know what happened from that error.

Can you change the label and buttons to english? But it’s really cool.

SpinePreview-desktop.app.zip (4.2 MB)

English version.
Cocos cocos2d-x version updated to 3.13. @crugthew can you check if your model is loading correctly right now?

Just wonder why did you create your own viewer and had not tried to use official one?
It’s always up to date, cross-platform (Java) and supports all features offered by the runtime.

Woot! Didn’t know something like that existed!

Thank you, it’s great.

It’s cool. I didn’t knew it existed. But it does not seem to have movement nor playing animation sequences, so theres that.

Since it’s open-source you can fork it and add the features you need :wink:

Alright, I’ve created an update to my app, because I needed some new stuff :smiley:


  • updated to the latest runtimes
  • supports binary format as well
  • added bones list with length of each bone
  • added flip x/y buttons
  • added show/hide bones/slots buttons

SpinePreview-desktop.zip (4.2 MB)

I needed slots as well, so one more update :smiley:

SpinePreview-desktop.zip (4.2 MB)


Is it possible for you to share the code on git? I need it to use it to display an older version of spine 3.1.07.


and a windows build


I don’t have windows build. I don’t even have windows right now to try it out :slight_smile:

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Thanks that really helps. I didn’t know cocos2d-x didn’t have an open file dialog system. I see you had to implement your own.

I didn’t. I found it somewhere, don’t remember where though :smiley:

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