Spine Animation Issue Skins are Black

am using spine animation in my project we using Facebook Webhosting For windows all skins with animations are working fine but In Andriod devices, the animation is working but skins are coming Black.
any have faced the same issue please help me solve it.
Thank you :))

I can ask engineering to have a look. What version of Creator are you using?

Do you have a demo project?

Hello, what version of Creator are you using?

Hi, Cocos creator 2.4.6 version am using spine animations have no changes it’s working fine but the skins are not loading it looks like dark black skin in android devices. In windows, it working.

yaa cocos creator 2.4.6

I tested it with examplecases on version 2.4.6 and it behaved normally.
Test procedure.
1 Create a new examplecase project
2 Publish as android
3 Test case spine

Can you tell me what is the version of spine you are using?

3.8 version am using.

Animation everything is working but the skin is not loading.

This is strange, spine 3.8 is supported in version 2.4.x of Creator. This spine animation, you facilitate the provision of resources (spine resources or provide demo project, provide a simple and easy to reproduce the problem of the demo project this way is better), I test and confirm the problem?

I was doing some animation with png images and it was also coming black on android devices don’t know why I just resaved them by opening them in any designing software like photoshop or illustrator and it worked for me.

The spine export interface has a pre-multiply option, check it or not, if not, you can check it.
The creator’s spine panel has a pre-multiply option, check or uncheck it, if not, you can try it.

You can use the dashboard to create an examplecases project and see if the scene cases/03_gameplay/03_animation/createClip.fire works.
If it works, then you may have a problem with your image resources and can provide a simple demo for us to analyze the problem. If it doesn’t work, then there may be some other problems, please let us know, thanks.

Thanks for the response I will check and inform you :slight_smile:

the check box is already true. Please can you share your email id so I can share my sample project with you?



I tested with your demo on an Android device and there is no blackening in this case. Can you tell me your test device?

In Facebook Instance, the Game am uploading the build.

am deployed this game in the FaceBook instance games before am share this sample I uploaded the build to FB instance Game but still am getting the same issue.