Space shooter demo

not sure if this is okey for this section since it is not a complete game, but since It says demo showcase too I thought it would be fine. Here the space shooter I’ve been working on lately. It is the first game/demo I have ever made. Nothing mind blowing, but its purpose is to learn cocos2dx, so I am quite happy with it.

space shooter 0.1

I used asprite for the animations and space scene. Audacity for the fx, and the music is from last resort just to have some background music. Of course, I will not use that track if I publish at some point.
I’ll keep adding features to the game as I keep learning cocos2dx.


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Update: added score, life, menus…

update 0.2

ps: is it possible to edit my post? I wanted to update the first response since I removed the linked video, but it seems I can’t edit it. I onlly see the pencil in my last reply, not the previous one.

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new update: power ups, shock waves, increasing enemies difficulty. Have a look!

gameplay alpha 0.3