[source code]Cocos creator solution

Hi in the following topic some people ask me to share the extension, so I’m here!!


What is this extension?
At the moment I have 21 simple web games. I needed all projects open in a single cc project and then decided to create a simple extension that convert a cc project to cc solution.

How does this extension works?
Look at this picture

In the Insert/Edit project you can insert new project or edit an existing project.

Project Name : The name of project.

Project Settings : The settings of project as a json file, indeed this is settings/project.json that contains collision matrix,group-list and etc.

Scene : The start scene of project.

Build Path : The build path of project. When a project opens the build path in build window replace with this path.

Custom Build : The default build of cc contains all scripts(used and unused scripts), if set this to true the build contains just script that start with project name.

If you want share some scripts for all projects you must use “game” prefix for those scripts.(eg game.websoket.coffee, game.service.js, …)

In All Project section you can see all created project and open or build them.

This is gitlab repository of my extension:

I must point out that this extension has not yet been completed.

And at the end excuse me for my English .


Congrats on making this. I passed this thread along to our teams so then can see how great this is. We appreciate you extending our products to solve needs.

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Great job @hossainiir. And thank you for sharing. It will be better if you share the experience of how to make the extension, i think many other developers want to extend it too.

@slackmoehrle @zhangxm

You’r welcome.

I have to say that it was a very difficult task, because the extension documents was very imperfect so I used in app developer tools to inspect builtin extensions and I saw how they work.

I will reflect the issue to Creator team.

Thanks :sunglasses:

That would be fantastic.

Thanks for sharing!
But I have to say, to get better visibility, I would suggest to publish trhe extensions in CC forum. I didnt even know that this subforum exist. Only found it because I saw the post you made.

You’r welcome :sunglasses: