[Source Code] 3D Moba Real Time PK Game

  • The game introduction project adopts frame synchronization for implementation. The advantage of frame synchronization compared to state synchronization is that it has low traffic consumption, can achieve detailed control and a sense of impact, and naturally supports video playback, making it suitable for MOBA games.
  • MOBA real-time PK adopts backend Java+netty+protoc, and frontend Cocos Creator 3.8.2.
  • Implement automatic generation of protocs on the front-end and back-end. After changing the network protocol, users only need to click on the cmd executable file and automatically copy it to the corresponding directory.
  • The project data configuration file is generated using JSON and Excel.
  • Excel can be used to quickly and efficiently edit data, and the generated JSON files can be efficiently read in the program.
  • The backend adopts a service separation approach of hall server and combat server, and the combat server adopts frame synchronization implementation. The server only performs message forwarding and does not calculate combat logic. Compute combat logic by the client. If there is no operation on the client side, players will not upload packets to the server, significantly reducing player traffic and improving client performance. The total effective code for the front and back ends is over 150000 lines.
  • The project code is refreshing, neat, and concise, easy to learn, suitable for learning, secondary development, and online deployment.
  • Based on this project, developing products similar to Honor of Kings or 300 major battles can save at least six months of development workload. With the code foundation of this project, it can be modified to any other type of MOBA game.
  • There are 3 3D heroes (including model action effects), 40 3D particle effects, and 19 PSD UI source files, which are worth it.
  • According to market prices, one 3D character model and several actions for art resources (with an average outsourcing price of over 10000), one UI interface of 1000, and one special effects of 300-500.

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