Sounds lag (simple audio system)

Sounds lag (simple audio system)


I preload my sounds and when i play them the gamę kind of freezes for a short time. Albo sometimes when sounds schould play one after another quickstepa then only one plays. Why does it happpen?

What are best techniques to use sounds besides preloadin them


you should also reduce the quality of the sound.

the audio engine at the moment is very basic, we will roll out a better audio engine in the upcoming version


What are the best formats and bitrates then?


just gradually lower them, until you are unsatisfied with the result from the phone’s speaker


I have this same problem even now in cocos creator 1.0.3. I even tried to lower the quality of my sound effects (mp3 32kbps~48kbps) but without success. I should say that i didn’t try to preload the sound because there is no preload method in cc.audioEngine.