Sound not playing in devices with mediatek cpu

Sound not playing in devices with mediatek cpu
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Hello Devs,
I’m using .mp3 files for sounds and using PlayEffect method. Sounds are being preloaded too. But in most of the android devices with mediatek cpu, users are complaining about the sound not being played. I dont have any devices with mediatek cpu for now. What could be the solution for it? Please help!!!


send me your apk, I have a tecno cx with mediatek cpu. Alternatively you can test using firebase


Ludo (5.0 MB)
This is the game.


Anyone here who knows about the issue? Or is there any specific specs for sound files to be used in Cocos2dx for supporting in all devices and platforms ? Please help!!!


sound is working with the apk provided mediatek mt6750 tecno camon cx.


Yes, I also found the sound working in a mediatek huawei honor. And found it was not working one device other than mediatek too. But all the complains in review about sound not being played is coming from devices with mediatek cpu.
Still do you know if there is any specific specs of an audio file like it should be 44khz or lower, mine is 44khz and I’m trying to lower it to 16khz. Let’s see what happens.