Sound not playing first time click on button

This is related to previous issue I raised;

The solution suggested was to use Cocos Creator version 3.4.0
This does fix the sound issue.

Due to another issue we are facing we can’t upgrade to 3.4.0

Is there a fix that can be added to 3.3.2 to resolve this ?

I can ask engineering to read this topic.

@slackmoehrle if I copy the files mentioned in the link

to Cocos 3.3.2 will that fix the problem?

I will need to ask engineering.

It may be possible.
You should be aware that there are other related pr in the pr description.

I see
Does not looks like a good idea.

Is there any fix added to the cocos project to get around this issue ?

One way to do this is to play it once with the volume at zero.