Sound left and right channels

Sound left and right channels

Hi, I’m using AudioEngine for my music and sound effects, having no problems (runs on iOS, Mac, and Windows fine). This year, I was thinking that I’m going to give the user more options on customizing sounds (I did that on league and team images last year, and it’s very popular). So, I’ll need to check up on how to unload sounds when switching teams or leagues.

Another thing I’ve wondered about is maybe direct some sounds from the left or right channels to represent the home and visiting teams. However, I don’t see any support for that in AudioEngine. Just curious, am I missing something?

Does anyone use a different library by any chance?


I dont see support for this either.

Perhaps Cricket Audio, but I think you have to pay.

You could use SDL for Audio or FMod on Linux. Core Audio on OS X. It just means different work and a platform specific implementation.