Sound effects lag in Android

Sound effects lag in Android
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My game has been lagging with the sound effects in Android since release date, it lags only in some devices though. I have tried tons of things but nothing worked. Many people are complaining about this in Google Play and I don’t know how to fix it. It’s frustrating because reviews are scored with 1 star despite of the user enjoys the game.

Have tried with AwesomePlayer and Nu Player, and tried with Simple Sound Engine and with the experimental Sound Engine. People plays with sound disabled because the game is unplayable with SFXs.

Is anyone having the same problem as me? I would spend days of work trying to fix the sound engine, but I don’t know where to look at because I still don’t know which is the thing that causes this lag.

Cocos2d-x and poor updates!

It lags my game too, although i use cocos creator 1.0.3 and i don’t have a released game.


This is a widely known issue by now. I’m not sure there’s a good fix for v3.x (and creator) other than making sure you use the new experimental::AudioEngine.

There was a pull request submitted for 2.x projects that may or may not fix the lag. We’ve had to tell people to turn off the sound in the game in order to work around this issue, but once we switched to the new audio engine it seems to have fixed most peoples issues.


We use the experimental sound engine with no results :frowning: Do you know the URL of the pull request for 2.x projects? I would take a look, maybe it helps. Thanks!


Edit: blog no longer exists.