SonarCocosHelper GooglePlayServices crashes!

SonarCocosHelper GooglePlayServices crashes!


I have the cocos helper and followed this tut: to install googlePlayServices

Did exactly what he said but every time I try to run it, it crashes! Here is my log:

@SonarSystems please help, this is the last step before I am gonna release the app :slight_smile:

Just add android-support-v4,jar to your project and don’t forget to import that to the project.
I suppose that is the problem.the 3 log is telling you about that :sweat_smile:

This is my main project’s jar files:

Thanks but where can I find it and how to add it correctly?

That’s part of the android SDK
For example the file can be found here in my computer
you should copy that jar file to your own cocos2d-x project

In eclipse I think if you right click your project AndroidTools->addSupportLibrary it will add the jar file.
But I prefer to create a folder called “libraries” for external libraries like this , because the libs folder well in the compile process sometimes you get your jar file lost.

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I believe @SonarSystems
might be of better help here. :smile:

@OscarLeif is part of the Helper team and he knows his stuff :smiley:

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But @nichlaspro132 never say if he was able to fix that, I’m pretty sure that the problem is about that jar file.
can you please say if you fix that @nichlaspro132 ? :grin:

Oh SORRY for the late response! Yea I got it all to work by adding this support library. Thanks

@nichlaspro132 Thanks for you responde I cannot edit this post name but this is Solved