[SOLVED] Spine animation is not smooth

[SOLVED] Spine animation is not smooth


I using sp.Skeleton in cocos creator.
animation change is not smooth… TT
It can be problem spine version?
Spine animation is fine on Skeleton Viewer, just not smooth on cocos creator (in the web).
Help me please…

let spSkeleton = node.getComponent(sp.Skeleton);
spSkeleton.setAnimation(0, ‘lose’, false);
spSkeleton.addAnimation(0, ‘idle’, true, 0);

cocos creator version : 1.10.2
spine version : the latest version…? up 3.6

I just using example-cases/spineCtrl.


solved it self, it was a cocos creator bug.
Cocos creator upgrade to 2.0.5. (version 2.1 is better, but has some another bugs)