[SOLVED]Sdkbox fatal timed out

[SOLVED]Sdkbox fatal timed out
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Mac OS High Sierra, cocos2d -x 3.15.1, sdkbox version fails to install admob.

test speed of hosts...
 - test host main: 218.92KB/s.
 - test host china: 0.00KB/s.
 choose the fastest server 'main', speed is 218.92KB/s.
 downloading package sdkbox-googleplayservices_v2.3.17.1.tar.gz
 #FATAL: timed out
 Installation failed :(


Solved by holly spirits. Succesfully installed without any effort to fix.


Thanks for help


u can run

sdkbox import xx

until it success. or download the plugin which you want, get the plugin download link by:

sdkbox list --json

then put ~/.sdkbox/plugins/

and what’s your location.