[SOLVED]Sdkbox facebook crash game when call cc.game.restart()

[SOLVED]Sdkbox facebook crash game when call cc.game.restart()
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Hello everyone, I have an issue and need help:

In my project, I have installed the sdkbox facebook(version and notice that it’s crashed on android when I call cc.game.restart () method


oh, I realize not only every sdkbox facebook but also just install a sdkbox plugin (like facebook, onesignal …), all are crashed when calling cc.game.restart().

in AppDelegate.cpp:


i meet same error. i fixed it
in ScriptingCore.cpp:

void ScriptingCore::cleanup()

if(iter->first.compare(0,8,“N6sdkbox”) != 0){


@mailaminh12 Thanks for your test case.
@dancermaster01 Thanks for your solution.

I’ll try it ASAP.


you use creator? which version?


Hi @mailaminh12 and @dancermaster01

We can not reproduce this issue with creator 1.8, but reproduce it in cocos2d-x javascript version.
Fixed it in our staging server, plz wait 4 hours to check this issue again.

sdkbox update --forcedownload --forcecopy --staging

Thanks @htlxyz


i don’t use creator, i use cocos2d-x javascript 3.10


thanks, but this error sdkbox update --forcedownload --forcecopy --staging (#FATAL: The network is offline, can’t execute the command “update”. ). I use sdkbox v1.0.1.30


I don’t know what do you mean? Can u talk more about this


plz try the command again until u download the plugin.