[SOLVED] SDBOXPLAY Error (I/SdkboxPlay: Error connecting to play services, reason: 'SIGN_IN_REQUIRED(4)')


Got a really frustrating bug. No matter what I do, I get this error from the console in android

I/SdkboxPlay: Error connecting to play services, reason: 'SIGN_IN_REQUIRED(4)'

It used to work, but all of the sudden stopped. Not really sure what going on at this point

I double checked all the sha1 keys in the console, Android Manifest.

I also tried it on a fresh project and still get the same error. Any suggestions?

@yinjimmy @nite

I’m check on this issue, works with Google Play Services 11.0.55 in android device.

I’m trying downgrade the Google Play Services now.

So I just figured it out, but I still think it’s a bug.

You need to have the “Save Games” Option Enabled in the “Game Details” on the Google Play console.

What if someone doesn’t want to use cloud saves?

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Do you mean SDKBoxPlay can sign-in when you enable Save Games in the Game Details on the Google Play console ?

Yeah… it just looks like the Google Drive API needs to be enabled

Maybe in the next update, you have to explicitly enable the cloud save feature so we don’t run into the problem

This is solved though. Thanks

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I turned on Saved Games and I am now able to open the leaderboard from my mobile game. BUT my score is not being sent and I am not seeing my gamer tag appear at the top of the screen as it usually does when you sign into Android games.

Could this be another issues/bug or is it something I missed?

Try to do your tests compiling the project in release mode.
In debug mode, the connection to Google Play Games always fails for me.

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Thanks for the help guys.

I turned on the Save Games Option and it was fine after. I have my Google Play Console to use both debug and release mode by changing the package name in Gradle, Appending .dev when in Debug mode.