[SOLVED] Scene transparent in another PC

[SOLVED] Scene transparent in another PC
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I’m coding a game with cocos2d-x
I use

director->setClearColor(Color4F(0, 0, 0, 0));

to transparent background in AppDelegate.cpp
It working perfect in my PC, but in another PC they see a black background
p/s: that PC not visual studio, qt, python, cocos…
please and thanks for help :slight_smile:


bump…anyone can help ?


OpenGL driver issue?


how to check it ? :slight_smile:


What is OS on your PC and another PC?


Windows 10 in 2 PC :slight_smile:



I thought about your problem, it is possible that the graphics card on the second PC does not support some functions.
I recommend that you show the specifications of the second PC, so if someone has the same graphics card, then he can test it for you.
You can also ask on stackoverflow in OpenGL section, do not forget to also show the specification of the PC.


I am glad that you solved the problem. :slight_smile: