[SOLVED] My Own Components not working with with v2.0

[SOLVED] My Own Components not working with with v2.0


I used my own components with Cocos Creator Version < 2.0.

In older versions I just putted my own component classes in resource/engine/coco2d/core/components
and extended the index.js (in the same location) with my classes.

that worked so far fine. The new Version of Cocos Creator says “Sorry the component of “” which with an index of 1 is corrupt” it has been removed.

why? Do I have to register my Components somewhere else now? Or have you (devs) removed this possibility?

This is important for me… would be nice if some admin or dev could answer!


@jare can you help?


Did you rebuild the engine (by using gulp build)?


Thank you very much. I did’t even know, that I have to rebuild the hole engine. In older versions (<2.0) rebuild was not required.