[Solved] MotionStreak when parent node moves

[Solved] MotionStreak when parent node moves
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I would like to have a node moving in circular motion with motion streak enabled (think of those loading icons…).

The way I did was set MotionStreak enabled for a sprite node, and then rotate the parent so that it seems like the child node is moving in a circular motion. When I was using Cocos Creator v1.5.1-beta.4.2 this method was still working. But after it seems after upgrading to Cocos Creator v1.5.1 official this method no longer works.

Now MotionStreak for a node will not show if the node moves as a result of the parent node moving. It will only show if the node with MotionStreak itself moves!


Any ideas on how I can get back my circular MotionStreak? Please help. :cry:


OK, I found the solution.

No more lazy method…but I could still get my circulation MotionStreak back by getting the child node with MotionStreak enabled to move in a circular arc using cc.bezierTo function, instead of rotating the parent node.

This StackOverflow post here will help with determining what control points you need to approximate a circle: