[Solved] Errors when trying to build engine myself

[Solved] Errors when trying to build engine myself
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Since I have to implement some changes to the engine on every upgrade I have done this a few times before. With CC 1.7 and 1.8 I have trouble running npm gulp as it output an error relating to gulp-uglify.

Has anyone else experienced this?
I have created and issue here https://github.com/cocos-creator/engine/issues/2243

Thanks for any help!


Let me ask out engineering team to have a look.


Thanks, but I already got a response on the issue tracker :slight_smile:

I should clone the github repository instead of building the version that comes with the release where the error has not yet been fixed.

I’m am still wondering why the github repository release branch has a version number of 1.6.0 while the editor comes with 1.8.0.

Does something happen in-between the release version on github to after being copied to the editor release?