[SOLVED] Cocoscreator w/ underscore.js?

[SOLVED] Cocoscreator w/ underscore.js?
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It looks like underscore.js lib would be useful for what I needed so I tried adding it to cocoscreator but I’ve been getting errors. I’ve been putting it in my scripts folder but I’m having this error:

Simulator: ERROR: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘root._’), location: assets/scripts/underscore.js:23:32

I obviously have been doing things wrong here. Is there a specific folders for external scripts or something?


Make some folder, for ex. “libs” and put underscore.js

Select it in Cocos Creator and check “Import as Plugin” and platforms, where you need underscore


Wow, I didn’t know about this at all! It works perfectly now. Thank you very much for helping out. :slight_smile: