[Solved] Accessing script anonymously?

[Solved] Accessing script anonymously?

Is there anyway to access a script’s method anonymously without knowing the script’s name?

Here’s my example – I have a bunch of ‘ability’ prefabs that I’m adding as properties to my player script. Abilities are interchangeable and they all share a ‘trigger’ method. I need to be able to call trigger on whichever ability I pass into the player, but getComponent needs a specific script name. Is it possible to do something like this.ability.getComponent(cc.TypeScript).method()?

Looks like the perfect use case scenario for event emitting and listening.

Kindly look up the procedure in api and let me know if it suits your requirement.

@shishir451 That’s a really good point. In this case it’s probably best to use events if I’m unable to call a method anonymously like that.

can’t you create a base class with this trigger thing and extend it for every new ability? I think you could getComponent(baseClass) and you will get the ability class.

Or do the event approach, it’s more robust for the case of more than one ability in the node

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Just wanted to follow up and mention that @randonzord suggestion worked well. You can do getComponent on the base class and it’ll grab the extended class of that base class. Eventually I may have to use events to build a more robust system but this works for the purposes of my prototype.