Smash Racing 3D - hike games

Smash Racing 3D - hike games

This is the game that’s launched within hike messenger. It’s called smash racing.
A 3D car game, the best part… the game itself is just 3.6MB (excluding the hike apk + 3 mb engine download)
Do let us know what you think. Has a lot of customisation options and a lot of quests to finish.

You can watch the game in action here… Game Video


You really created 3d game in cocos2d-x? Why?


I’m thinking: Because it’s possible :wink:

As you see the game is just 4MB (excluding external data) small. If it would be in Unity, this game would be much larger. That’s why I always prefer cocos2d-x instead of Unity, Unreal Engine or Lumberyard.


Is apk size that important these days? Anyway it has to be some stripped off cocos2d-x, because empty cococs2d-x apk size is about 9mb if I believe correctly.


Is it really cocos2d-x or some very custom version of it :slight_smile: 3d looks to good for cocos2d-x :smiley:

Is there way to try out game?


Please install hike messenger and enable the free games service you will be able to download and play all the cocos2d-x games including this one.

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Built with cocos2d-x 3.6 version.

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We disabled the 3D physics engine. We used box colliders only.

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I just loved playing this game…
one question…how did you upload the game to hike ??

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Hi, I am also interested to know how you uploaded the game to hike.


I work at hike. There is no open api / sdk to get your game in.

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Njan paranj tharam machiiii:wink:


Wow amazing game!

A good achievement to have this game on 3d using cocos2d-x.

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I can’t find this service, only found “Game of the Day” service.