Slackmoehrle is in China with the team - Updated 11/26/2017

Slackmoehrle is in China with the team - Updated 11/26/2017

Hello Everybody,

I wanted to share with you all that I am in China working with our teams in Xiamen, Fujian. I will be here for about 5 more weeks. Although my flights were incredibly long, about 27 hours total in travel, I arrived in Xiamen excited and ready to meet the team. Even though I have communicated with some of my co-workers for years, I had not yet met them face to face.

Interesting facts

Xiamen is an island! I hadn’t entirely realized this prior to being here.

There is more technology here than most places I can think of. Everything is driven by technology, from hotel doors, elevators, room lights, accessing almost any aspect of daily life can be accessed from your phone here.

Bikes are everywhere! You pick a bike, scan it with your phone and ride it where ever you please. The cost is $1rmb per hour. This is almost free! When you are finished, park it where ever you wish. I mean this, literally anywhere. On my daily walk to and from the office there are bikes everywhere.

WeChat powers most everything. I can order a taxi, food, movie tickets, anything and pay for it from my phone. Businesses put out promotions from WeChat and it is very easy to always get a good deal on what you are buying. Nobody carries paper money or a debit/bank card. Being a tourist is probably the only reason to have paper money.

Food here is amazing Everything is fresh and flavorful. I have to wonder what I will eat when I get back home. American food seems boring and bland now.

Locals are super friendly Xiamen has tourists, but not many compared to other cities in China. I stick out amongst them. They are very friendly and want pictures.

What am I doing here?

We listen when our community speaks. Walzer and his team thought it was important for me to come spend time here so I can provide input on the Western market. It is important to our success that we listen to feedback from everyone and make the best decisions that we know how.

What will come out of my time here?

  • New and improved documentation in English and Chinese. This task has been deployed live already. More documentation will be added.

  • Introduce you all to members of our China team. Who they are and what they do.

  • Help provide your feedback on Cocos2d-x and Cocos Creator and the features that are asked for.

  • I will learn Cocos Creator in greater detail so I can help answer more most of the questions that are asked.

  • Learn more Chinese so communication between teams is smoother.

@walzer has a big vision for the future. Listening to him talk, it is inspiring. I agree that as he forges ahead there will be great things coming to this community. Stay tuned!

I will be adding more posts in this series, watch out for them!


Welcome home Jason.

Welcome to Xiamen!

What a colorful life!

Its good to see you in China!

Thats nice. Enjoy your journey

Hey! You really do look like your avatar :slight_smile:
I think it is finally time for you to reveal…

HOW do you pronounce your name?

is it slack-merl?

For years I thought that last I was an l (see how hard it is to tell them apart!!!) so I thought it was slack-mo-ree

I envy you your trip to China - have a great time (and work hard, obviously)

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

lol, I try!

Slack-Moehrle is the proper spelling. No “-” in my forums handle or email address.

Pronounced:__ ssss-lu-ack-more-leeee__

Slack is my name, Irish and Moehrle is my wife’s name, German. When we married we decided to join names to honor both families with our union.

We spent a few days at the beach in this picture.

I will post a few post 1-2 times a week for everyone to read!

thanks, for sharing all details with us.
It’s All are awesome.
Enjoy your journey…
-Slack Moehrle

Ha, that why I always read it like Slackmöhrle - with o umlaut :wink: A oe is more often a ö in Germany.

PS: If you have kids, will they learn English and German from the beginning?

True, I have 3 kids. My wife and I also know a good amount of Spanish, myself am learning Chinese

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Hi Jason!

Xiamen looks fantastic! It would be great if one day we can have a Creator event in the city. I’ve never been in China before and its something I have to do someday :smiley:

It is great that you are there and working with the team, and I want to know more about them. :slight_smile:

You keep yourself busy right? :smiley:

Yup, I will make more posts as I think about what they should be.

Share some pics of the team! Enjoy your trip there

I will be sharing.

Welcome to china.:grinning:

Thank you!

Would love to know if the Cocos Creator team is working towards 3D support (for 2.5D games)

They are working on it for sure.

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