Skeletal Animation with morph targets workflow

Lately I have been trying to get an iClone animation into cocos. Problem being only the skeletal animation plays but not the animated morph targets/shapekeys/blendshapes, for both FBX and GLTF.

I tried making a simple cube morphing into a sphere and then adding bones to make it jump but the morph won’t play.

What workflow do you use to get it working? Maya,Modo,Blender?

I dont know much about the tools. Can you tell us what version of Creator that you are using?

Using 3.3.0

MorphTest with (33.6 KB)
Attached Test. Just a cube that morphs into a sphere midway and back to a cube at the end. During the track the bones would stretch and pull the mesh as well.

Sorry, it’s not work now, we will support it in follow-up version.

oh that’s great to hear.