Skeletal Animation with morph targets workflow

Lately I have been trying to get an iClone animation into cocos. Problem being only the skeletal animation plays but not the animated morph targets/shapekeys/blendshapes, for both FBX and GLTF.

I tried making a simple cube morphing into a sphere and then adding bones to make it jump but the morph won’t play.

What workflow do you use to get it working? Maya,Modo,Blender?

I dont know much about the tools. Can you tell us what version of Creator that you are using?

Using 3.3.0

MorphTest with (33.6 KB)
Attached Test. Just a cube that morphs into a sphere midway and back to a cube at the end. During the track the bones would stretch and pull the mesh as well.

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Sorry, it’s not work now, we will support it in follow-up version.

oh that’s great to hear.

Hi Rowdywabbid,

Not sure if you got a chance to try out the newer version, we actually has support for morph target and I’ve tried out your test case, it plays ok.

You can just make sure you have “play on load” option turned on when in import to the scene.

The only scene is that the morph animation has to be controled via script. I am curious what your use case for morph?

THank you,