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What would be the best way to integrate sign in with apple ?

We don’t have anything built-in, I’d suggest following the Apple Documentation for this.

I would suggest to use Firebase, it offers authentication SDK which includes Sign in with Apple, for both iOS and Android platforms.

I’d like to revive this topic, because I’m dealing with the same problem.
I’m using a third-party login service, and Apple forces me to implement Sign in with Apple.
I’m offering authentication through Facebook or GameCenter, but they are not approving my binary because of I’m not implementing Sign in with Apple:

Regarding guideline 4.8, the issue is that your app uses a third-party login service, such as Facebook, but does not offer Sign in with Apple.

To resolve this issue, it would be appropriate to implement Sign in with Apple as an equivalent login option as Game Center login alternative is not considered to be sufficient.

We look forward to reviewing your resubmitted app.

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App Store Review

My question is, does sdkbox plan to offer this service? @yinjimmy @htlxyz @nite


yes, SDKBox provide a plugin named signinwithapple, but now it’s only available on staging server.

you can run sdkbox import signinwithapple --staging if you want to try.

Thanks @htlxyz
But, we can use it without any problem or it’s still in testing phase ?
Is there any doc/guide related in sdkbox page?

yes, it’s in testing phase.


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@htlxyz @yinjimmy
App Store is rejecting my binary because they found a bug in the plugin Sign in With Apple (I’m using the sdkbox plugin).

We discovered one or more bugs in your app. Specifically, when we use Sign in With Apple, the user name do not display correctly. Please review the details below and complete the next steps.

Review device details:

  • Device type: iPad
  • OS version: iOS 14.2

Could we fix it? :pray:

SignInWithApple will trigger callback with param ASAuthorizationAppleIDCredential or ASPasswordCredential.

ASAuthorizationAppleIDCredential include user name, but ASPasswordCredential not.

SignInWithApple will send param ASAuthorizationAppleIDCredential after first time login.

if you want to use apple’s user name, you should save it in your server.

If you want to test, please cancel Apple’s authorized login and re-authorize it

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@htlxyz that’s exactly what I’m doing. For some reason, Apple rejected the binary but now they approved it. Hard to understand how they test :slight_smile: