Should I use cocos2d-x for a basic game

Should I use cocos2d-x for a basic game
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I’m a newbie to cocos2d-x although I already used cocos2d (with sprite-builder) not too long ago.
I wanted to use cocos2d-x to save cross-platform development time.
I’m trying my first steps and I want to create a basic game that has no animations just static content that reacts to click events.
It seems to me like it will cause much more overhead to use cocos2d-x (javascript) in simple games than to develop to Android and iPhone separately.

I followed the quickstart guide of cocos-creator ( and I must say that I stopped following the tutorial right after making the purple monster jump since I saw that this simple animation didn’t work all that well on the iPhone simulator.
The monster is supposed to jump from 0px to 500px and it ended up doing only half of the jump, from 250px (above ground) to 500px.
That made me think that I can’t trust the framework if it fails in such a simple task.
One last note, I know that a lot of people use this framework for games so it’s got to be good so I don’t understand what I’m missing.

I would be more than happy to hear what you guys think… thanks


If you’re coming from app development or web development background, you would know that pixels are not same as percentage. So, if the screen is retina, whose scale factor is 2x the normal screen, 500px will appear as 250px, obviously.

I am not using creator right now, so can’t give you direct solution but would suggest to read about setting scale factor in cocos creator.

In short, you might not have set your code to scale properly with multiple resolution. So, you might be expecting results as per the normal screen while you tested on retina… Check with %age dimensions, eg- (50% of deviceHeight), it would work.


Hi @guynimni

It really depends on what your needs are, but do you want to use Cocos2dx or Cocos Creator? From my experience with Cocos Creator, I really like it, and this is coming from a newbie that has never programmed in javascript, the only programming i’ve done was with BASIC, back in the 80’s…:slight_smile: Like any other frame / work or game engine, it’s not perfect, but it can only get better…It took me about 3 months to create a game with it, only waiting for physics module / component to be installed, to finish the game. Now, I’m working on my 2nd game…Just try it out, doing a simple game…God Bless…




Thanks for the input and for taking the time to answer.
It seems like on first few animation loops it works great and suddenly it starts the animation from the a different position.
I think I should send a video to make it clearer…